CS1232 Carbon Sulfur Combustion Analyzer

CS1232 Carbon Sulfur Combustion Analyzer

Brand New Carbon Sulfur Analyser

The new CS1232 Carbon Sulfur Analyser brings the latest technologies to the fore with all new IR Detection, Sample Changer and improved safety features.

Product Description

Gorgeous Design

Elegant in design, the new CS1232 brings the latest generation in Carbon Sulphur Analysis into view. With significant improvements to the Infrared Detection system, performance gains of 30% and precision/accuracy of 10% are easily achievable. Sample turn-around times are reduced thus, increasing sample throughput. Access to the Anhydrone and furnace temperature controls is concealed behind the push to open door.

IR Detection

The Infrared Detection system is a new optical design making this design far more field serviceable than before which is great for remote locations. The benefit of optics over reflection techniques is such that if the cell chamber becomes dirty, the loss in signal affects the performance of the cell. Not so with an optical infrared design. In fact, because of the new design, the Infrared Detection system is much more sensitive, leading to improved performance, precision & accuracy of results.

Electrical Safety

All power and control of the CS1232 is performed in the furnace power module. Being safety aware, the furnace power module fully encloses access to high voltage/current devices, thus making the system compliant with strict on site safety standards. All external wiring is low voltage (24VDC) and therefore poses no risk to personnel. The module also encloses the over temperature monitoring PID controller for extra added safety.

CS1232 Brochure

Download the latest CS1232 product brochure

Analysis for organic materials is now made even better with the all new modular design. Improved accessibility over its predecessor (the CS2000), now means that access to vital components such as the furnace power module, infrared detection system and flow system is now superior to our competitors. Modular systems are generally cheaper to maintain and repair, this is especially true for remote mine site operations and their corresponding instrument technicians.

With a reliable 48 position sample changer as standard, you can be assured of leaving the CS1232 unattended, freeing up valuable laboratory staff time. The sample changer only utilises 5 sensors. This means it’s more reliable, easier to fault find and with less chance of jamming. Thanks to the vertical design, we are able to pick the sample from the sample changer and place it back into its original position after analysis. No more samples overfilling hot boat “buckets”.

With the furnace capable of running at 1400°C, the heat is efficiently contained by the superior insulation that we use. In fact, the cooled air release is barely warm to the touch. As a result, significant energy savings will ensue along with a cooler air-conditioned lab environment. Another point to note is that because of the efficient furnace, the heating element lasts longer, much longer than other manufacturers. The smart vertical design also means that the cold crucibles do not come into contact with hot furnace ceramics and if you lose power; the ceramics and element will not fail.

The powerful software provides important functions such as calibration, statistics, historical results, maintenance and more. The ability to be able to configure custom linear calibrations to a particular method, means that the end user has more power and flexibility to measure difficult to extreme concentrations of Carbon and Sulphur in samples. This is because of our smart algorithms and end of analysis settings that precisely determines whether a sample has finished. Experience our powerful search tools that make finding a particular sample or defined set of samples based on criteria you set. LIMS integration is a snap, with a user being able to customise the import and output formats within the software to suit any LIMS.

The Measure flow system in the CS1232 Carbon Sulfur analyser is much less complicated than other analysers on the market today. The combustion system allows for effortless cleaning and inspection of all components, making the CS1232 superior in design.

What Our Customers Are Saying

On the product front, the quality is a reflection of their customer service. I have extensive personal experience with the Carbon and Sulfur Analyser and I have been thoroughly impressed with the reliability and accuracy in operation. To date, we have secured five units. What I like about the design is that it's solid and rarely off-line and allows for trouble-free access to components.

Bill Wangelo

Chief Chemist (MMG)

The CS 2000 Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer that was purchased from Labfit – Australia has exceeded our expectations to date. This instrument is very user friendly and handles the workload consistently without any operational problems since its installation. The ranges of sulphur that we analyze ranges from 0.001% to 38- 39% which places an extreme demand on most makes of Sulphur analyzers. The CS 2000 has passed the test thus far with flying colors.

Pieter Erasmus

Laboratory Manager (ACCL)

Just a short note to let you know how satisfied we are with the CS 2000. It has now been running for almost 2 years without major trouble. The electronics have been extremely reliable, and the sample changer has not given any trouble. Added advantages are that the machine can be run reliably after hours.

Ian Gilmore

Laboratory Manager (Ammtec)

The CS2000 Carbon and Sulphur Analysers are built and engineered to be simplistic in design though providing extremely good availability and accuracy. With a remote location such as Porgera, it is extremely important the analysers can be maintained by site personnel. Labfit is prepared to listen to any concerns raised by its clients and to address the concerns immediately.

Noel Moffat

Instrumentation Superintendent (Barrick Gold)

Frequently Asked Questions

The CS1232 Carbon Sulfur analyser is suitable for all organic sample types such as; Mineral Ores, Bauxite, Sulfide Ores, Copper Concentrates, Coal, Coking Coal, Soils, Plants, Rubbers and many more.

Yes it can! The CS1232 determine Carbon and Sulfur in oils, diesels and other combustion liquids by simply using a combustion aid and reducing the furnace temperature to suit.

We pride ourselves in making all our instrumentation very affordable to run. That is why the CS1232 Carbon Sulfur analyser costs less to run, and in the long term, making it more affordable than ever.

No. Maintenance is much easier on our Carbon Sulfur analyser because the system is modular allowing for easier access to all components.

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