AS3000 SERIES MK4 Space Saver

AS3000 SERIES MK4 Space Saver

AS3000 MK4 pH and Conductivity Range

The AS3000 MK4 range of pH and Conductivity instruments now has a total footprint of 1,600 mm x 800 mm. The control box which includes the PC is now located in an easily accessible drawer located under the instrument. A hidden drawer is used to provide storage for accessories and the pH and Conductivity meters.

Single tray system shown.

All New Space Saving Design

The monitor is mounted on a “vesa” bracket on the back of the instrument. A very small wire less mouse is included as standard. To save even more space on the bench the optional syringe pumps are now located in the instrument. The “spray” washpot is now included as standard on all AS3000 models. This style of washpot facilitates a more effective rinsing of the probes and the stirrer bars.

The following configurations are available:
  • AS3000D Dual probe pH analyser with dual stirrers
  • AS3010D Dual probe quad stirrer pH analyser (UGA method)
  • AS3000Q Quad probes with quad stirrers
  • AS3020 Simultaneous pH and EC Analyser
  • AS3020D Dual simultaneous pH and EC Analyser
  • AS3200 Simultaneous pH and EC Analyser with acid based titrations

All AS3000 instruments trays can be customized to accommodate existing cups or beakers. AS3000 instruments accomodate up to 180 samples in three trays, depending on cup sizes. Up to four syringe pumps can be accommodated. The syringe pumps can accommodate different size syringes and offers an accuracy of 48,000 steps over the length of the syringe making these pumps very accurate.

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