Semi Automated TGA with Lid Loader

Semi Automated TGA with Lid Loader

Apollo L TGA with Lid Loader

The semi-automated TGA with the crucible lid loader has the same great looks and performance as our standard semi-automated TGA, but with the additional capability of being able to perform any analysis where the samples must be covered with a lid.

Product Description

The semi automatic TGA with lid loader can be used entirely without the lid loader if required. This is useful if you simply require the functionality of a TGA or Loss on Ignition system without the need for performing Volatile or Ashing. Iron Ores for example do not require this additional step in the process.

Adding the automatic lid loader to the semi automated TGA or LOI system is as simple as placing the loader carousel onto the supporting hub. Locating pins correctly align the loader carousel to the central hub and thus the lids will be directly over the corresponding sample crucible position. Add the lids as required, and your done.

Once your method is configured the semi automated TGA system will step through the method program sequence to add the lids when required. After the lids are added the system will then introduce the correct atmosphere as per the method. All this is done while the TGA cover is closed saving expensive gases and retaining the furnace at temperature.

Up to 20 samples can be analysed at a time, and the unit is designed for speed, precision, and accuracy of results. The unique double carousel arrangement allows for the automatic placement and removal of the crucible lids during analysis. This allows for much faster analytical times and is an amazing safety benefit since the operator does not need to place the lids manually.

Two of these units can be linked together to simultaneously analyse 40 samples. All of the information and functions can be viewed and controlled from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Up to two TGA’s can be controlled in this manner, with all of the data from each one being available in real time.

The software allows for easy integration into LIMS systems, with an online manual and online diagnostic system for remote support. The user is also able to build customized methods for analysis on-the-fly. The unit has been designed with user friendly maintenance in mind, allowing for quick and easy access to all parts for inspection and replacement.

If you would like to automate your Buffer process contact us for more information on this product.

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