Semi Automatic LOI TGA Benchtop

Semi Automatic LOI TGA Benchtop

Single Point LOI TGA with Magazine

The semi-automated single point Loss on Ignition (LOI) TGA analyzer with crucible magazine offers the ultimate flexibility for LOI testing. The instrument can accommodate up to 46 samples at a time, and is designed for speed, precision and accuracy. It is possible to link together multiple instruments in series for additional testing at a variety of different temperature points.

Product Description

The Semi-Automated Benchtop TGA can be coupled with up to 4 individual systems to create a fully automated 4 stage Loss on Ignition or Thermo gravimetric system possible. The system feeds the samples from 1 system to another via the sample cartridge unit and processes the samples according to your methodology. Methods can be configured to match the standard testing method required for analysis by your customer. Throughput of up to 500 samples per day is possible.

The Semi Automatic TGA and LOI system comes with a auto loading sample magazine capable of holding 46 samples. The sample tray accommodates enough samples to fully load the two TGA furnaces. During automation, the samples are loaded automatically by the pick and place gripper that transfers the sample from the tray to the furnace and back to a conveyor ready for delivery to the next furnace in the system. All this takes place without operator involvement, freeing up valuable staff members for other tasks/duties.

Between 1 and 4 instruments can be linked together in this manner. Crucibles are weighed on a networked balance to determine their empty mass.

The balance is then tared, and the sample is added to the crucible which is subsequently reweighed. These 2 mass values are saved in the computer software, and the crucible is then placed in the corresponding position in the magazine. The magazine is loaded into the instrument and from here on the entire analysis process is automated.

Samples are loaded one at a time by the gripper arm into the instrument for testing, and the results are captured in the computer software. The crucibles are cooled with a jet of air after testing to make them safe to handle by the operator. The processed samples are either discarded into a waste collection bucket, or they can be transported onwards for further testing if required. This is a fast and efficient way to process multiple samples with little to no ongoing supervision of the process. This saves time and improves on the laboratory’s efficiency since the operator is free to perform other tasks.

By adding the optional secondary lid placer into the system, the semi automatic TGA and Loss on Ignition system can be adapted to Coal work. The lids provide the ability to adhere to the standard method for Volatiles and Ash, primarily used for Coal, Coking Coal and Anthracite. Please note some other applications not mentioned here may require the same setup and configuration. Therefore Volatiles and Ash (Lids).

If you would like to automate your Buffer process contact us for more information on this product.

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