TGA-3000 Thermogravimetric Analyser

TGA-3000 Thermogravimetric Analyser

Our analyser is different to other instruments on the market

The Labfit TGA3000 is an industrial automated thermogravimetric analyser. The unit removes the operator from excessive heat caused by traditional TGA analysers currently on the market. The system includes three atmospheres, which are controlled by the method. The method also controls the temperature for up to four temperature set points.

Product Description

The Labfit TGA3000 analyser features sample-input and it adheres to all the common methods including and not limited to ASTM, ISO & AS standards. The Labfit thermo-gravimetric analysis equipment is suited for organic analysis including; iron ore, bauxite ore, plants, soils, cements and other organic compounds.

The Labfit TGA3000 automated thermo-gravimetric analyser offers a huge sample capacity of 42-TGA samples per carousel with the added benefit of an extra carousel added to the sample queue. This means that your operator can preload up to 84 thermo-gravimetric samples and continue performing other laboratory duties. Our TGA analyser is fast as it completes a four-stage TGA in a matter of a couple of hours for 42-TGA samples. Other thermogravimetric analysis equipment can only achieve 19-TGA samples in this time; therefore, you would require three competitor products to achieve the same throughput.

The TGA3000 does not have a traditional ‘clam’ type furnace where the furnace top lifts up. Usually the heating elements are imbedded in these clam-style furnace lids and when opened, are exposed to extreme cooling, which will affect your overall longevity of furnace ceramics and heating elements. The TGA3000 automated thermo-gravimetric analyser furnace is very efficient using the latest in insulation technologies to reduce your overall running cost.

Our thermo-gravimetric analyser has three options for imputing your sample weights. The sample can be entered manually with fields for sample ID, batch ID, sample weight, crucible weight, method name and customer ID. However, it is much simpler to import the 42 samples from a file.

With an intuitive interface simply click the ‘import from file’ button and all the samples will be populated throughout the sample carousel. If you have a WS3000 weighing station from Labfit, you can simply click the ‘import from WS3000’ button. The TGA3000 and the WS3000 instruments are network savvy and will locate each other automatically across your network.

There are many methods to suit all types of thermo-gravimetric analysis including soils, plants, mineral ores, rubbers and any other organic matter. Method configuration could not be simpler with functions to set atmospheres, constant weight, weigh by time, and weigh by iteration and it features desired temperature set points for each TGA stage.

The TGA3000 thermo-gravimetric analyser by Labfit incorporates an ‘automated arm’ to place preloaded sample carousels into the furnace for thermal analysis. Upon completion of the thermal analysis, the automated arm will remove the sample carousel and place it onto a cooling rack before presenting the cooled carousel to the operator for removal. This automated step keeps the operator away from excessive heat but also keeps the furnace at a constant temperature that never falls below 100 °C.

If you would like to automate your Buffer process contact us for more information on this product.

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