Thermogravimetric Analyser for Benchtops

Thermogravimetric Analyser for Benchtops

Thermogravimetric Analyser for Benchtops

Designed with operator safety and ergonomics in mind, the thermogravimetric analyser is the best in class. Capable of processing 24 sample at a time, the analyser is designed for speed, precision and accuracy. The bench-top TGA can be used for thermogravimetric analysis in organic materials such as; Iron Ore, Bauxite, Coal, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals and more.

Product Description

Now you can link up to 6 thermogravimetric analysers together in dual mode allowing the analysis of up to 48 samples at the same time. All the TGA’s can be controlled with one system eliminating the need for individual PC’s further reducing your IT management and associated costs.

The thermogravimetric analyser software allows for easy connection and monitoring from your smart phone, tablet or remote PC through a web browser. The ability to connect and control the TGA in this fashion makes the system ideal for remote support, monitoring and logging. All data can be viewed in real time.

Powerful software allows the user to build methods on the fly and easy integration with LIMS. The thermogravimetric analyser comes with a full on-line manual and on-line diagnostic system for remote support.

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