Our Company

From inception Labfit has been synonymous with high-quality automation. This attribute is the core which we base all our business on but, it doesn’t give justice to the full picture.

Our name has become a shining light in the darkness for managers all over. Why? Because they know they will get a genuine service every time and they trust our products to perform under harsh conditions day in day out.

Expect More than Our Core Products

We are not just enthusiastic about the processes that go into making one of our perfect products, we are passionate about all aspects of automation. We offer an exclusive Research and Development ability, so if you have a need which the current market can’t supply then chances are we can.

It’s not unusual for people to come to us for a chat and an idea is conceived which evolves into a Project and a finished Product. We couldn’t be happier – knowing that we were able to bring a solution to someone’s problem.

On top of automation and Research and Development we also carry a huge range of consumable and spare parts not only specific to our core products but, to the commercial laboratory industry in general. And if we don’t have it we have the networks that will.

Give us a chance and you’ll see we are more than first impressions.




First pH robot Introduced

Our first AS3000 pH and EC analyser was introduced after a need in the market to automate the pH and EC soil testing process using robotics.


This is a big year with Labfit Pty Ltd incorporating and the release of our first CS2000 Carbon and Sulphur analyser to the market.

AS3000 pH automation enhancements

New features of the motion control system that replaces the PLC used on the original models and replaced with an advanced motion controller. The AS3000 pH analyser robots receive an upgrade to the software as well.

CS1232 Brought to Market

After many months of design, the CS1232 Carbon and Sulphur analyser was brought to market with an all new look, smaller footprint and a much more advanced IR detection system.

AS3000 pH and EC Robot Redesign

The AS3000 pH and EC robots received a new design incorporating all components into one and reducing the overall footprint in the process. The AS3000 also achieves CE certification. New software is in development.

AS3200 Acid Base Titrator Released

With the introduction of new software for the AS3000 pH and EC robot series, acid base titration was realised and successfully brought to market. With the system capable of processing 180 samples it has become a great addition to our product lineup.

AS3300 Autoweigh Redesign

Redevelopment of the AS3300 automated weighing system “Autoweigh” due to modernisation and enhanced hardware/software scope to further accommodate all aspects of various weighing required in the lab.

Automated Precision Weighing System Introduced

The AS3304 automated precision weighing system for LOI, Ashing and volatiles was redeveloped with some powerful new features. The system will be ready for market in the second half of 2020.

Benchtop Autoweigh system introduced

With the success of the Precision Autoweigh system, a smaller more compact benchtop version was required to meet the damands for Organic Matter analysis.

228L Desiccator Cabinet Released

The Desiccator cabinet with variable shleves holds up to 14 rack positions and can be mounted either on a bench or used with the troller to be manouvered around the laboratory.