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Established in 1992, we are an Australian-owned manufacturer of commercial grade laboratory equipment in the soil testing and carbon sulphur analysis industry. Offered soil testing equipment performs soil test with utmost precision and examine soil’s texture on various parameters.

From inception Labfit has been synonymous with high-quality automation. This attribute is the core which we base all our business on but, it doesn’t give justice to the full picture.

Our name has become a shining light in the darkness for managers all over. Why? Because they know they will get a genuine service every time and they trust our products to perform under harsh conditions day in day out.

Expect More than Our Core Products

We are not just enthusiastic about the processes that go into making one of our perfect products, we are passionate about all aspects of automation. We offer an exclusive Research and Development ability, so if you have a need which the current market can’t supply then chances are we can.

It’s not unusual for people to come to us for a chat and an idea is conceived which evolves into a Project and a finished Product. We couldn’t be happier – knowing that we were able to bring a solution to someone’s problem.

On top of automation and Research and Development we also carry a huge range of consumable and spare parts not only specific to our core products but, to the commercial laboratory industry in general. And if we don’t have it we have the networks that will.

Give us a chance and you’ll see we are more than first impressions.

Some facts in Numbers



Over 100 customisations for our customers and more than 60 plus unique projects gives us the experience to customise your solution. What's your next project going to be?



Clients who keep coming back to Labfit for us to solve their unique laboratory processes.



We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and when we do not achieve this goal we endeavor to make it so.

Looking for your solution? Chances are – we have it

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