Automated Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

Carbon Sulphur Combustion Analyser for Organic Materials

The Labfit Automated Carbon Sulfur Analyzer brings advanced detection technologies and reliable automation for Carbon Sulfur analysis for organic materials. The Automated Carbon Sulfur Analyzer incorporates a built-in reliable 48 position auto sampler that allows operators to continue working on other important tasks in the lab. The clean new design, keeps distracting controls out of sight from the user so you can focus on the Carbon Sulfur analysis.

Automated Carbon Sulfur Analyzer – Reliability

The new CS1232 Automated Carbon Sulfur Analyzer moves away from traditional horizontal furnace design and instead uses a vertical furnace approach. This means that the automated 48 position auto-sampler is much less complicated and more reliable. The vertical furnace design also extends the ceramic life expectancy of the combustion tubes and provides much better heating of the sample.

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The Automated Carbon Sulfur Analyzer software is user friendly offering easy method setup, control standard entry, calibration and many more. The software supports multiple infrared cell linear fits so that a user can target a specified range in the infrared spectrum.

Automated Carbon Sulfur Analyzer Applications

Organic Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

The Automated Carbon Sulfur Analyzer is designed for organic materials. The following applications are suitable for testing on the Carbon Sulfur Analyzer.

  • Mineral ores
  • Sulfide mineral deposit bearing ores
  • Gold processing plants
  • Copper processing plants
  • Bauxite for aluminium production
  • Cracking Catalysts
  • Soils and Plants
  • Cements
  • Coking Coal for steel industry
  • Coal for coal fired power plants
  • Oils including diesels (hydrocarbons)

CS1232 Brochure

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