Solotec are a UK based company and have been developing and manufacturing bench top safety enclosures since 1991.

Their enclosures are used on a daily basis throughout the UK and also WORLDWIDE in research laboratories, hospitals, the food and asbestos industries, and they are suitable for balances, microscopes and micro biology.

As well as their mainstream range of products available they also offer bespoke enclosures made to your own specifications at very competitive prices.

They also carry stock of replacement filters motors and accessories for all our models ready for immediate dispatch.

If you require any information on their products, custom built enclosures or accessories please contact us and we will gladly discuss your needs.

We have distributor access to the following Solotec Range with exclusive pricing.


Solotec Products

Waysafe 110 is for use with Analytical or Top-pan balances. The airflow is designed to be very low so as not to disturb fine balances. It uses three simple face mask filters which meet the requirements of EN143:2000 P2. Waysafe 110 puts the mask on the balance – not on the operator!

Waysafe 2 is for microscopes and is already accepted as the first choice by technicians checking asbestos samples. It is 640mm wide to give ample space for all the normal checks in an asbestos lab. It has a two speed fan – better than 0.5 m/s or about 0.3m/s with a HEPA filter and a pre filter. It is simplicity itself and at a really sensible price.

Waysafe 3 can be used with balances or simply as a general purpose safety enclosure. On the left it is being used to grind powders safely in a University Chemistry Department. On the right and below right you see an analytical balance in use. Air is drawn though the HEPA filter and pre-filter and passed back into the laboratory. The powerful fan gives airspeeds of more than 0.5m/s and on low speed about 0.3m/s. All models have an inlet for a power lead. The front panel slopes at 30 degrees and simply lifts off when required. All models come in “no motor” versions.