The Labfit AS3010 Robotic pH Lime Buffer Capacity Analyser was especially developed to automate a new agricultural soil titration method for determining the soil’s lime buffering capacity. This new method aids in the process to accurately determine the pH in acidic soil types and uses a new Sodium Hydroxide buffer which is far cheaper than the traditional SMP or Adams/Evans soil buffer available today.

Buffers for determining a soil’s lime requirement (LR) sometimes contain hazardous chemicals. To avoid the use of hazardous chemicals, Labfit and the  University of Georgia (UGA) developed and implemented a single addition titration with calcium hydroxide to determine the LR of soils. The soil pH buffering capacity is calculated from the rise in pH following 30 minutes equilibration from the single addition of calcium hydroxide. The LR is calculated from the soil pH buffering capacity, the target pH, and the initial soil pH.


Automatic Soil Buffer pH

The AS3010 Robotic Soil Lime Buffer pH Analyser automatically buffers and homogenizes the soil sample based on analysis settings configured within the method. As the soil pH is measured, any soil sample that meets the buffer pH requirements is flagged for re-reading of the buffer pH measurement. The system includes a “phantom” rack to keep the dual pH electrodes “wet” on the last rack while a buffer is being added and stirred into the soil. This allows you to easily define where your quality control or standard solutions are within the system with upper and lower controls, stability controls and other various analytical controls so you can be sure your results are accurate and reliable.

Soil Buffer pH Automated Measurement Features

The AS3010 Robotic Soil Lime Buffer pH Analyser includes independent buffer pH controls over the normal “Water” pH measurement controls. As pH electrodes tend to measure buffered soils more quickly than unbuffered soils, you can configure the buffer pH analysis for speed while still maintaining your accuracy. When the AS3010 Robotic Soil pH Analyser determines that a buffer is required for a sample, it adds it to the sample while stirring in the buffer solution. This feature significantly enhances the homogenization process and allows for the sample to react more readily with the buffer solution. The system can be instructed to “Auto-Re-Measure” at the end of the run.

The system will then, at the end of the run, begin the “Buffer pH” analysis automatically and measure only soil samples that have had buffer added to them. The AS3010 Robotic Soil Lime Buffer pH Anlayzer has a capacity of up to 180 samples. At the end of the day you can add an extra 180 samples before going home and let the pH analyzer perform the soil pH analysis, ready for the morning. The system includes independent stirrer speed controls that are controlled by the method. This allows you to set a desired stirring speed for either the water pH or buffer pH measurement.


Accessories for AS3000 Soil Testing


Syringe Pumps for Buffers/Titrants/Reagents

  • Independent Water pH & Buffer pH Measurements
  • Conditional Wash
  • Advanced Quality Controls
  • Automatic pH Electrode Calibration
  • Auto Re-Measure at end of run
  • Independent Stirrer Speed Control
  • Up to 180 Samples

Trolley for Ease of Access

Why not place your AS3000 pH and Conductivity testing robot onto a versatile trolley whereby you can easily wheel around the lab. Our trolley is made for the AS3000 systems and have a drawer for the meter, keyboard, mouse and any other item you wish to store out of the way. With the trolley, your bench space can be freed up for other equipment or lab productivity areas.

AS3000 series trolley

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