Labfit Product Range

Below is a quick overview of some of our products. If you don’t find what your are looking we do offer customization services to fully build a system that is unique to your business.

Carbon Sulphur Analysers

Combustion Analyser

Carbon Sulphur Combustion Analyser for Organic Materials

Carbon Sulphur Analysis by combustion for organic materials such as Mineral Ores, Coal, Coking Coal, Soils, Plants, Cements and many more.

Carbon Sulfur Analyser


Automated Carbon Sulfur Analyzer with vertical combustion furnace, advanced detection system and 48 position auto-sampler.

Dispensing Systems

Multi Channel Dispensing


Fast dispensing of multiple solutions has never been easier. The Hydra dispenser up to 4 different solutions at a time.

Water Dispensing


Dispense waters and light duty acids or alkalis with the WD3000. The system dispenses to 8 or 10 positions at a time, making sample preparation more efficient.

Automated pH & Conductivity Robots

Single pH & EC


Single sample system designed to analyse 1 sample at a time. System has 3 trays holding up to 180 samples.

Dual pH Lime Buffering Capacity for soils


Perform analysis on 2 samples at the same time. System automatically adds reagent to sample during analysis.

4 pH Electrode


Multi-electrode system analyses 4 samples at once to provide maximum sample throughput.

Single Tray pH & EC


With a small form factor, this system system will fit onto any bench and accommodates up to 60 samples.

Automated Acid-Base Titration Instruments

Acid-Base Titrator


Perform Acid and Base Titration with our automated solution that accommodates up to 180 samples.

Dual Acid-Base Titrator


Ask us today about the dual titration system that analyses 2 samples at the same time for higher throughput.

Automated Weighing Instruments

Suspended Solids

Precision Weighing for Automated Suspended Solids analysis

Automated precision autoweigh for suspended solids in environmental samples with 120 sample capacity and 0.01mg resolution.

Total Dissolved Solids


Automated weighing for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of drinking water, wastewater, agricultural runoff, sewage, river and stream water.

Organic Matter


This automated weighing system accommodates up to 80 samples and automatically records all weight losses according to the method.



Easily capture your default weights for TGA or Loss on Ignition systems. All weights are captured and exported to CSV or LIMS.

Robotic LOI


Automated 4 stage Loss on Ignition by robot for high volume production samples. Efficient processing of samples in batches of 40, with a 4 stage LOI result typically under 30 minutes. That’s a result every 1.3 seconds.

Weighing Enclosures

Solotec Scientific Balance Enclosures

Place your precision weighing balance into our weighing enclosure to prevent outside influences such as air currents from influencing your weight recordings.


pH EC Robot Trolley

AS3000 series trolley

Place your pH Conductivity or Titration system onto this trolley to easily maneuver the robot about your laboratory. Comes with convenient drawer and shelf.

Syringe Pump Module


Expand your AS3000 system’s capability by adding a syringe pump to automatically add reagents to your samples.

228l Desiccator Cabinet

Dessicator Caninet 228L

Place your samples, certified refence materials or any thing that needs to be kept free from moisture into this configurable desiccator cabinet.

Desiccator Trolley


Easily move your 228l desiccator cabinet about the lab with this lockable trolley that is easy to maneuver.