Sample Shaker to Compliment the AS3000 Series of pH, Conductivity and Titration Systems

The Labfit AG-3000 Sample Stirrer mixes the samples in an orbital motion. The unit accepts 3 standard sample trays from any of the AS3000 series of pH, Conductivity and Titration platforms. The stirrer has a variable speed control untilising a simple speed control knob along with a timing unit. The system has an easy to use start/stop feature from 2 buttons on the front panel.

obital sample shaker

AG3000 Sample Stirrer Feature at Glance

  • Accepts 3 trays from any AS3000 pH, Conductivity and Titration range.
  • Easy set programmable timer.
  • Simple Start/Stop buttons.
  • Variable speed adjustment knob.
  • E-stop easily accessible.

AG3000 Sample Shaker


  • Increases efficiency and productivity.
  • Profitable as it frees up human employees.
  • Reliable design to last for many years.

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