Autoweigh System for Suspended Solids – AW-3304

Labfit is a leading manufacturer of precision automated weighing solutions. Labfit’s AW3304 Autoweigh system for Suspended Solids is designed to offer reliable precision weighing in a computer-controlled testing regime. The system comprises of a computer controlled environment, essential for low level weighing, 4 tray capacity and advanced feature rich software controls.

The 30 position Suspended Solids trays can be directly inserted into a drying oven at 110 °C and then placed back into the AW3304 Autoweigh system for Suspended Solids for final weighing. All captured weights are stored in the database for retrieval/export at a later time.

The AW3304 Autoweigh system for Suspended Solids features automated precision weighing cell calibration, internal weight calibration for NATA certification and a check-weigh feature that verifies the balance weight data.

Precision Weighing for Automated Suspended Solids analysis

The AS3304 Precision Autoweigh for Suspended Solids analysis takes the necessary weighing tasks to a whole new level. The computer-controlled weighing system incorporates a precision weighing cell capable of 0.01mg resolution with a weighing repeatability of ± 0.02mg. The Precision Autoweigh for Suspended Solids performs the weighing in an environmentally controlled enclosure.

The AS3304 Precision Autoweigh for Suspended Solids features automated calibration of the precision weighing cell, a check-weigh to verify the weighing cell data and an internal mass correction feature for NATA certification. The precision weighing cell is guarded against vertical and transverse overloading so the sensor is protected from actuator malfunction.

Advanced Suspended Solids Precision Weighing hardware Setup

The AS3304 Precision Autoweigh for Suspended Solids has many settings to accurately control the weighing environment. The weighing setup includes settings for the check-weigh weight, check-weigh interval, the check-weigh crucible weight and balance zero delays. The software support 3 different balance models that are used on the 3 different Autoweigh configurations.

Automated Precision Weighing Features

  • 0.00001 gram (0.01mg) weighing resolution to 320 gram max. weight
  • Weighing enclosure environmentally controlled
  • Autocalibration of precision weighing cell
  • Precision weighing cell internal mass correction
  • Check-weigh for weighing cell data accuracy
  • Bidirectional sample trays for Suspended Solids and Total Dissolved Solids applications
  • Anti-static enclosure for the precision weighing cell
  • User friendly powerful software with many features.
  • Database driven software design
  • Many more…


  • Increases efficiency and productivity.
  • Profitable as it frees up human employees.
  • Quick, accurate, consistent.

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