Benchtop Desiccator Cabinet 228 Litre

Benchtop desiccator cabinets are portable canisters required for storing sensitive samples or objects in laboratories. These cabinets create a mini-environment that ensures clean, reliable, and dry storage of samples to protect them against damage, contamination, and moisture absorption.

At Labfit, we offer you high-quality, fully sealed desiccator cabinets ideal for the storage of pharmaceutical, biological, and chemical samples.

How To Choose A Desiccator Cabinet?

Desiccator cabinets provide an ideal environment for the stabilization and preservation of samples to support further analysis. These cabinets are competent to absorb moisture from almost all kinds of materials. The desiccator cabinets are available in different material types including polypropylene, glass, or polycarbonate. As such, to ensure proper storage conditions for your sample suited to your application a desiccator should be selected based on the following parameters:

  • Compatibility with chemicals being used.
  • Size and shape of the sample.
  • Clear Acrylic Desiccators are suitable for the storage of non-electro-static (ESD) sensitive applications.

14 Tray Desiccator Cabinet

Labfit has released the new DC-228 desiccator cabinet designed to accommodate up to eight removable trays with a height of either 75 mm or 150 mm between trays depending on the usage. The entire unit is well sealed. The cabinet has a volume of 228 litres and offer the following dimensions 500 mm (w) x 612 mm (d) x 849 mm (h). The height with the optional trolley is 1,260 mm. The aluminium tray dimensions are 384 mm (w) x 464 mm (d). The trays can be felt lined for storage of metallurgical samples.

The desiccator cabinet comes complete with a dedicated tray for Silica Gel beads, an LED strip light, a large polycarbonate window and a humidity/temperature monitor.

The entire cabinet is made from durable powder coated aluminium. The door is available in different colours: yellow, blue, green, red, white, or grey for easy identification of usage within the laboratory. For example:

  • Green for environmental, plants CRM’s or samples
  • Red for minerals, soils CRM’s or samples
  • Yellow for chemicals
  • Blue for liquid CRM’s or samples
  • White general purpose
  • Grey for metallurgical, coal, coking coal CRM’s or samples
Dessicator Cabinet 228L Red

6 door color options available

Labfit 228 Litre Desiccators Cabinet Overview

Fully sealed desiccator cabinet made from powder-coated aluminium. Features a large polycarbonate window, aluminium tray for silica gel beads, and a LED strip light, and temperature/humidity monitor.

  • Cabinet volume228 litres.
  • Overall dimension: 500 mm (w) x 612 mm (d) x 849 mm (h).
  • Height with the optional trolley: 1,260 mm.
  • Tray dimension: 384 mm (w) x 464 mm (d).


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