Automated Weighing Systems – AS3300

Labfit is a leading manufacturer of automated weighing systems. The Labfit’s AS3300 Autoweigh system is designed to offer 24/7 weighing operation at production facilities. Integrated with a friendly interface, this weighing system ensures accurate weight reading for different analyses through an automated procedure.


AS3300 Automated Weighing System Features


  • Fully automatic weighing system with 2 trays capable of weighing up to 40 samples at a time per 17cc.
  • Automatic data handling. The AS3300 system records all weights and outputs weight-related data into an easy-to-understand CSV file.
  • Climate-controlled weighing environment appropriate for precision weighing up to 0.1mg.
  • Advanced control system. Features configurable auto weighs method builder enabling adjustment of weighing process to suit your testing requirements.
  • Eliminates repetitive weighing to help reduce workload for lab technicians.
  • Modular design supporting simultaneous weighing and documentation.
autoweigh 40 position tray
Advanced Method Builder

Advanced Method Builder

The Autoweigh method builder provides various controls for the weighing process. These processes are broken down into “Method Steps” whereby the operator can configure a weighing process to suit their testing regime. The software provides a facility to weigh using iteration and cycles with further controls for how the balance should be controlled.

Automated Precision Weighing Applications

There are now a number of Windows based Automated precision weighing applications that can provide excellent storage and analysis of weight data. following precision weighing applications are:-

  • Automated Weighing Systems In The Food Industry

To better meet the demands of modern food production for quality, safety, accuracy, and transportation, Labfit’s ASS3300 weighing system is just the right solution. It comes laced with all prerequisites tools needed to gauge the target weight range for products packaged for shipping.

  • Automated Weighing Systems In Manufacturing

The AS3300 automated weighing system can help manufacturing industries improve their quality control and production efficiency. It assists in synchronous production by discarding tools that fail to meet the target weight range.

  • Automated Weighing Systems In Transportation & Logistics

Keeping in mind the safety and regulatory concerns, a transportation vehicle should be loaded with a precise weight limit. The Labfit’s automated weighing system can be programmed to a target weight range so that the truckloads are within the legal limit before departure.


  • Increases efficiency and productivity.
  • Profitable as it frees up human employees.
  • Quick, accurate, consistent.

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