CS1232 Carbon Sulphur Analyzer for Organic Materials

Carbon Sulphur Combustion Analyser for Organic Materials

Elegant in design, the new CS1232 brings the latest generation in Carbon Sulphur Analysis into view. With significant improvements to the Infrared Detection system, performance gains of 30% and precision/accuracy of 10% are easily achievable. Sample turn-around times are reduced, thus increasing sample throughput. Access to the Anhydrone and furnace temperature controls is concealed behind the push to open door.

Combustion Carbon Sulphur Analyzer

The new CS1232 Carbon Sulphur Analyzer utilises the latest technologies with all new Infrared Detection, 48 Position Autosampler, and improved safety features.

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The Carbon Sulphur Analyser uses advanced infrared technology that improves sample speed without compromising on precision and accuracy.

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advanced infrared carbon and sulphur detection for organic materials

IR Detection

The Infrared Detection system is a new optical design making this design far more field serviceable than before which is great for remote locations. The benefit of optics over reflection techniques is such that if the cell chamber becomes dirty, the loss in signal affects the performance of the cell. Not so with an optical infrared design. In fact, because of the new design, the Infrared Detection system is much more sensitive, leading to improved performance, precision & accuracy of results.

Electrical Safety

All power and control of the CS1232 is performed in the furnace power module. Being safety aware, the furnace power module fully encloses access to high voltage/current devices, thus making the system compliant with strict on site safety standards. All external wiring is low voltage (24VDC) and therefore poses no risk to personnel. The module also encloses the over temperature monitoring PID controller for extra added safety.

48 Position Sample Changer

48 Position Sample Changer

The 48 position sample changer is included with all Carbon Sulphur Analyzers as standard. The sample changer and loading mechanism are tightly integrated into the CS1232 significantly improving reliability. The sample loading unit safely inserts the sample crucible into the furnace for combustion and once the analysis of the sample is complete, the loader places the spent sample crucible back into its original position on the sample changer before moving to the next sample.

The CS1232 does not simply drop the hot crucible into a bucket on completion of analysis.

CS1232 Brochure

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some typical applications?

The CS1232 Carbon Sulfur analyzer is suitable for all organic sample types such as; Mineral Ores, Bauxite, Sulfide Ores, Copper Concentrates, Coal, Coking Coal, Soils, Plants, Rubbers, and many more.

Can the CS1232 be used for Oils?

Yes, it can! The CS1232 determines Carbon and Sulfur in oils, diesel, and other combustion liquids by simply using a combustion aid and reducing the furnace temperature to suit.

How expensive are spare parts and consumables?

We pride ourselves in making all our instrumentation very affordable to run. That is why the CS1232 Carbon Sulfur analyzer costs less to run, and in the long term, makes it more affordable than ever.

Is maintenance complicated?

No. Maintenance is much easier on our Carbon Sulfur analyzer because the system is modular allowing for easier access to all components.