Thermogravimetric Analyzer

The Labfit Thermogravimetric Analysis Equipment TGA 4000 is designed to make your routine measurements quick, easy, and convenient. This trustworthy device is carefully designed to offer precise measurement of a sample’s thermal stability and concentration of volatile constituents. It does this by observing the weight change in the sample by continuously heating it at a constant temperature.

Types of Thermogravimetric Analyzers

The Labfit thermogravimetric analysis equipment is best used for the organic analysis of organic compounds such as soils, plants, iron ore, bauxite ore, cement, etc.

The types of thermogravimetric analyzers available are:

  • Dynamic TGA Analyzer.
  • Isothermal or Static TGA Analyzer.
  • Quasistatic TGA Analyzer.

TGA 4000 F4 Cooling Rack


TGA 4000 Loading F4


Labfit TGA 4000 Thermogravimetric Analyzer Features

  • Can measure weight change of 42-TGA samples per carousel. Plus, allows adding an extra carousel to the sample queue.
  • An automated model with higher throughput. Capable to perform a four-stage TGA within two hours for 42-TGA samples.
  • Integrated with the latest insulation technologies to improve overall cost efficiency.


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