The Labfit Automated AS3000Q multi-electrode pH robot enables you to keep on top of ever increasing sample throughput demands. If you are uncertain that your current testing procedures adequately comply to the stringent requirements of todays soil testing standards, then look no further. The Labfit Automated AS3000Q multi electrode soil pH robots utilises tried and proven hardware and software so that all samples comply with precision and accuracy only a fully automated robotic system can provide.


4 pH Electrodes for Faster Throughput

The AS3000Q Automated Soil ph Robot is a multi electrode system that reads 4 pH electrodes simultaneously! Because the system adheres to your method configuration parameters there is no compromise on sample quality or accuracy. What about electrode failure you ask? Well the system is clever enough to inform the operator which electrode has finally succumbed to age and it is now faulty. Reading of a typical pH electrode is fast, with a typical soil stability of <0.03 pH taking less than 20 seconds to stabilise.


Precise, Accurate Results – Every time

The AS3000Q Automated pH soil testing robot tests more than 2000 samples per day while maintaining sample accuracy and precision.

  • Accuracy 0.01pH
  • Throughput >2000 samples per day
  • Accommodates 180 samples
  • ROI achieved very fast
  • Reliable stable system

Accessories for Automated pH robot Soil Testing

Syringe Pumps for Buffers/Titrants/Reagents

Our automated pH robots can be accessorised with automated syringe pumps that will automatically add buffer or a reagent to the samples that only require it according to the method. This means that no unnecessary usage of expensive reagents are wasted, no additional hazardous waste disposal costs and operators are safely removed from chemicals thus ensuring operator health and safety.

  • Efficient use of Reagents / buffers
  • Reduced disposal costs
  • Accurate dispensing
  • No manual addition – extra process
AS3000 series trolley

Trolley for Ease of Access

Why not place your automated pH robot onto a versatile trolley whereby you can easily wheel around the lab. Our trolley is made for the AS3000 systems and have a drawer for the meter, keyboard, mouse and any other item you wish to store out of the way. With the trolley, your bench space can be freed up for other equipment or lab productivity areas.

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