3D CAD representation of the AS3000 pH and Conductivity robots head unit. Highlighted is the vertical (Z axis) rack that connects to the pinion gear.
Example of customization through 3D Cad software
LabView block diagram showing relations between various components of the software structure.
LabView Software Development Platform

Customisation Services

At Labfit, we specialize in laboratory automation customisation services for our product range and to solve specific needs for industry efficiency. Because automation offers much better testing over manual methods, lab automation is evolving fast as new technologies come into service. Computer controlled automation and robotics offer stricter testing regimes where precision and accuracy are required. This means that all analysis strictly adheres to the test methods and is done the same way every time.

Today, Labfit can offer better alternatives to many technologies including Carbon and Sulfur Analysers, Robotic Loss on Ignition Systems, Automated Weighing Solutions, Automation platforms for pH EC in soil and water samples and many others.

We pride ourselves on keeping complicated systems as simple as possible. Our Carbon Sulfur analyzers for example are being run in very remote locations (mine sites – jungles) and operated by villagers. These systems are very easy to maintain, (as they should be) and most problems do not require a site visit. This saves the end users a lot of downtime and added expense.

Our products are manufactured using the best materials available for extended operational life. With our turnkey services, we can custom manufacture a lab automation solution for you. This can include hardware & software to fulfill your needs. With advanced 3D Cad technology, our design team can modify an existing design to meet your exact requirements. We can also design a completely new customized robotic solution in its entirety if needed. Software can also be modified or developed to suit a particular method. We can add extra functionality to our instrumentation whether you already own a Labfit product, or selecting to buy one. Talk to us today to see how we can achieve your analysis requirements.

Examples of Customisation

The Robotic Loss on Ignition system was developed for a laboratory that required high sample volume. This robotic Loss on Ignition system maintained the integrity of the LOI analysis through computer controlled weighing. This particular system is able of performing LOI on 1600+ samples per day while maintaining weighing accuracy of 0.1mg.

A pH robot capable of automating the  “Soil Lime Buffering Capacity” test was also customized for both hardware and software. This implementation was based around our standard pH robot automation platform. The implementation required significant software changes to meet the method requirements developed by the University of Georgia. The AS3010D pH Robot was introduced in 2005 and has since been a successful pH automation platform. This system has been taken up by many labs throughout the United States and Europe.