You will experience equipment that is built with quality and reliability in mind

  • Right from the start, we have taken great care in delivering a product that is of exceptional quality.
  • We have a dedicated Research and Development team responsible solely to making sure our products continue to operate at peak efficiency and improved upon.
  • Our products all undergo strict and comprehensive internal Quality Assurance monitoring throughout the entire process from production to commissioning.
  • We know the value in using only quality parts. You can be rest assured through our extensive supplier testing we have hand selected only the highest quality parts, having sourced these parts from only the best suppliers in the industry.

You will have proven servicing and support of our products

  • When it comes to the servicing and support of our products we have a dedicated product servicing team with knowledge and expertise at your disposal both remotely and on-site.
  • We provide helpful advice on the best practise for the running of our products and offer practical operator training on the maintenance procedures and software functionality.
  • We make a point of always carrying stock of consumable and spare parts for all our products and we guarantee you won’t experience any lengthy delays in the supply.

You will receive exceptional service every-time that will be both friendly and helpful

  • We acknowledge the fact everyone is different and therefore the value in treating you with the personal care you deserve.
  • You can expect more than the attitude of “just getting the job done”, our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide exceptional service that leaves you with a positive lasting impression.
  • We achieve this through our comprehensive internal service procedures and extensive in-house staff training and development on best service practices at all levels of operation.
  • Our experienced sales team will make sure you are consulted with properly to determine what your exact requirements are and what the best solution would be to you in terms of cost effective alternatives.

You can expect your results will be consistently accurate

  • Through the extensive knowledge of our staff and vast research into the laboratory equipment industry we have noted key points in design that influence result accuracy.
  • By doing so, we have managed to address these issues through innovative design to deliver a more accurate result that you can rely on every-time.

You will be dealing with professionals who have a wealth of experience.

  • Labfit is proud to be a customer focused, service orientated business that will give you the personal attention you deserve
  • With combined experience specific to the laboratory equipment industry totalling more than 60 years our management team have the knowledge and expertise required to make sure all your needs are met.

You will find the ongoing running price to be lower than the industry standard

  • Our products have a proven track record of delivering not only fast, accurate results but, also a low ongoing running price.
  • We achieve this through the fluid and efficient design and quality parts used in each one of products as well as healthy supplier alliances that allow us to provide the best price available to you without any greedy margins some suppliers have.