Automated Water Dispenser & Buffer Dispensing System


The Labfit WD3000 series of Water and Buffer Dispensing systems provide the solution you need to be more productive in today’s competitive environment. The Labfit automated water dispenser accommodates 3 racks of 60 soil samples with the ability to dispense water into your soil samples in under 2 minutes. The Labfit water dispenser includes a touch screen display mounted within the controller for increased space saving and freeing up valuable bench space.

The PC, Screen and Motion Controller is all housed in a sleek, slim design. The water dispenser is also very quiet, whisper quiet, so you will hardly notice it is running.


8 or 10 channel simultaneous water dispensing

The Labfit automated water dispenser comes in 2 models, an 8 or a 10 channel simultaneous dispenser. It has the capacity to dispense up to 50 ml’s with a dispensing accuracy less than 0.5 ml’s. The amount of time saved allows you to focus on what’s really important, running soil samples. No longer will your staff have to dispense by hand, reducing your exposure to staff repetitive strain injury. The system is easy to use and disabling water dispensing to unwanted samples is simply done by deactivating the sample on the rack representation on screen.

Dispensing water to your soil samples accurately

The Labfit water dispenser accommodates up to 3 AS3010 or AS3020 sample racks for a total of 180 samples. With dispensing accuracy better than 0.5 ml’s and with a speed under 3 minutes for 180 samples, your productivity will increase allowing your staff do perform other laboratory duties. We all know that sample preparation is key to any quality laboratory operation, but we also know that producing more prepared samples increases your bottom line. The Labfit automated water dispenser is designed for dispensing of light acids as well as your buffer solutions. Simply connect the pump intake to your buffer of choice and the dispenser will dispense buffers instead.

Dispenser Features

  • Available in either 8 or 10 position
  • Dispense 180 sample < 3 minutes
  • Dispense water or light acids
  • Adjust volume up to 50 mL’s
  • Simultaneous dispensing
  • Partial tray dispensing
  • Touch screen control
  • Accurate to 0.3 mL

WD3000 Brochure

Download the latest WD3000 Product Brochure