Automated Acid-Base Titrator Analyser – AS3200

The AS3200 Automated Acid-Base Titrator instrument holds 3 trays of up to 60 sample each. The system will measure the pH of the sample prior to beginning the automated acid-base titration sequence. The system is capable of accurately dosing the sample until the desired end point is reached with up to 4 end points that can be configured.

AS3200 Acid Base Titration System

Automated Acid-Base Acidity Analyser Throughput

The Labfit AS3200 Acid-Base Titration Analyser utilizes sophisticated software and hardware to generate more throughput of acid-base titrations without the risk of “over-shooting” the end-point. The system can be programmed to titrate to a maximum of 4 end-points in either the up or down direction, making the AS3200 extremely flexible for acid-base titration requirements. This acid-base titration equipment can be configured to meet any requirements of the method and/or local government requirements.

The AS3200 Automated Acid-Base Titrator is ideal for applications including:

  • Food & beverage industries
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Waste water from treatment plants
  • Various mineral analysis
  • NAG test – acid rock drainage (use in conjunction with the Labfit CS1232 carbon and sulfur analyzer).

AS3200 Brochure

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AS3200 Automated Acid-Base Titrator Benefits

We are one of the leading automated titration equipment suppliers, because we only provide superior machines. Our AS3200 Automated Acid-Base Titrator can perform an extra run at the end of a working day. This means you get an extra 180 acid-base titrations per day. The titration analyser has the power to “punch” through any “cling film” that most laboratories use to keep their samples preserved over the top of their samples. Being able to perform 180 acid-base titrations per sample run leaves your operator to perform other duties within your laboratory.

  • Large sampling bed
  • Extra run at end of day
  • Frees up valuable staff
  • Ability to “Punch” through cling film

When you want a titrator that can increase your laboratory’s productivity, turn to the premier automated titration equipment supplier, Labfit has the instruments you need to improve your efficiency.


Intelligent Dosing

The Labfit AS3200 Automated Acid-Base Titration Analyser features intelligent software which detects sample reaction and adjusts titrant dosage accordingly. This greatly reduces the “Over-Shooting” problems common to manual titration procedures to near zero, as the system will back-calculate the final titrant volume for the end point. The Acid-Base Titrator is controlled by methods, where you have unrestricted method configuration capabilities. Our automated acid-base titration equipment will automatically titrate in either the up or down direction depending on the initial 1st end point for the method. There are a total of 4 end points which can be used in the system, however, most facilities performing acid-base titration only use 2, the other titration end points can be deactivated with the intuitive interface.

Acid-Base Titrator Powerful Quality Controls

The AS3200 Acid-Base Titrator allows you to set quality control samples anywhere within the sampling area. Simply click the desired location that is presented to you on screen and set it as a QC. The system accommodates 4 different types of quality Controls; these are:

  1. EC – Conductivity
  2. pH
  3. Acidity as H2SO4
  4. Acidity as CaCO3

You can provide advanced QC parameter controls such as:

  • Value
  • Deviation
  • Electrode stability
  • Number of Readings

Of course, all your samples including the quality control samples, can be imported directly from LIMS. With many analysis methods now requiring automated acid-base titration equipment, the Labfit AS3200 Acid-Base Titrator gives you more flexibility to your method, more features you demand, and can be left unattended with full confidence in your results.


Labfit AS3200 Acid-Base Titrator Overview

  • Robust titrator design with intelligent software to detect sample reaction and adjust titrant dosage as required.
  • No issue of over-shooting.
  • Convenient and intuitive operation supported by powerful quality controls.
  • Programmable to titrate up to a maximum of four end-points.
  • Features a large sampling bed.

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