Automated Weighing Systems for Total Dissolved Solids TDS

The Autoweigh for Total Dissolved Solids testing removes the tedious task of manually weighing the total dissolved solids samples and automates it. With a precision weighing cell and precision movement, the Autoweigh for Total Dissolved Solids is able to weigh the weight variances with speed and accuracy.

Labfit is a leading manufacturer of automated weighing systems. The Labfit’s Autoweigh system is designed to offer 24/7 weighing operation at production facilities. Integrated with a friendly interface, this weighing system ensures accurate weight reading for different analyses through an automated procedure.


Autoweigh for Total Dissolved Solids Features

  • Accepts sample test-tubes from 90 to 150ml.
  • 30 or 40 position sample rack positions (dependent on sample size).
  • 0.01mg balance resolution with weighing standard deviation ±0.02mg.
  • Weighing balance maximum weigh capacity of 320-gram.
  • 2 or 4 rack units available providing 60-160 sample capacity throughput.
  • Climate controlled weighing environment.

Weighing Data Secured in Database

The powerful database of the Autoweigh for Total Dissolved Solids keeps track of all weights captured by the Autoweigh. As the system can have multiple weights for each method step and weigh cycle, the Autoweigh marries up these recorded weights as the tray is inserted into the weighing racks. The data is then pulled from the database ready to display to the user. As each new weight is recorded, the weight is entered in the table and saved to the database.

All data, either exported or imported, can be configured so that the desired formatting meets any laboratories import or export data regimes.

AS3300 Autoweigh

Autoweigh for Total Dissolved Solids Applications

  • Environmental measurements for Total Dissolved Solids in Water
  • Testing for agricultural runoff into river or stream water
  • Testing for water treatment chemical runoff
  • Total Dissolved Solids in sewage
  • Total Dissolved Solids in industrial wastewater
  • Any other environmental Total Dissolved Solid test in an aqueous solution.


  • Increases efficiency and productivity.
  • Profitable as it frees up human employees.
  • Quick, accurate, consistent computer controlled results.

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