Autoweigh Precision Systems


Autoweigh for Organic Matter

This automated weighing system accommodates up to 80 samples and automatically records all weight losses according to the method.

Precision Weighing for Automated Suspended Solids analysis

Precision Autoweigh for Suspended Solids

Automated precision weighing of suspended solids samples capable of weighing up to 120 samples to 0.01 resolution.


Autoweigh for Total Dissolved Solids

Automated Total Dissolved Solids testing for all your wastewater, agricultural runoff, sewage, river and stream water applications.


Weighing for LOI and TGA

Easily capture your default weights for TGA or Loss on Ignition systems. All weights are captured and exported to CSV or LIMS.

Weighing Enclosers


Loss on Ignition

Robotic Loss on Ignition (LOI) for large volumes of production samples processing 4 stage LOI by weighing samples gravimetrically. All weights captured ready for data export to LIMS.

Solotec Scientific Balance Enclosures

Weighing Enclosures

Place your precision weighing balance into our weighing enclosure to prevent outside influences such as air currents from influencing your weight recordings.