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Labfit Australia – Soil Testing Equipments and Soil ph Tester

Established in 1992, we are an Australian-owned manufacturer of commercial grade laboratory equipment in the soil testing and carbon sulphur analysis industry. Offered soil testing equipment performs soil test with utmost precision and examine soil’s texture on various parameters. Based in the Western Australian region, our vision was to supply the market with quality instrumentation and a level of service that surpassed customer expectations.

We supply a wide range of products and our speciality is soil testing equipment and carbon sulphur equipment. Our soil testing equipment includes pH tester that checks the ph level in a soil and details the acidity and alkalinity of the soil in question.

Our Products

Labfit is about providing quality products to our clients that last for years. We use only the best materials to manufacture our instruments such as Stainless Steel and Aluminium. All paint work is finished with durable powder coat that will withstand harsh environments.

Carbon Sulfur Analysers

Reliable Carbon and Sulfur combustion analysis perfect for harsh and extreme environments.

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LOI by Robot

Designed for high throughput 4 stage Loss on Ignition while maintaining unprecedented precision.

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Dispensing Systems

The Hydra 410 will dispense to 10 samples using up to 4 solutions at a time significantly increasing sample throughput..

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AS3200 Acid Base Titrator

The Labfit AS3200 acid base titration analyser utilizes sophisticated software and hardware to generate more throughput of acid base...

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AS3000 Series Syringe Pump Version II

The SP-4800 is a balance between precision, reliability and robust design. Engineered to supplement our AS3000 Series Analysers

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Soil pH Robots

When precision and repeatability matters, look no farther. There is an AS3000 pH and Conductivity robot for you needs.

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Our Process

Keeping It Simple

At Labfit we like to keep it simple. That is why we engineer all the “Smarts” into our software and hardware so that you don’t have to try and figure out a way to accomplish a particular task. It should come naturally to the person using our equipment. So why make something overly complicated?


Can’t find a suitable instrument to fulfil your requirements? Look no further. We offer advanced custom design for a wide range of applications. The LOI4000 and the Hydra410 are an example of our custom engineering. With our engineering, customising a solution to suit your needs can become a reality.


Engineering our designs to remove mechanical complexity while keeping our functionality is at the heart of what we try to achieve. Our goal is to manufacture instrumentation that will last a long period of time while providing our customers with an upgrade path when newer technologies become available.

What Our Customers Say

“At Labfit we endeavour to achieved 100% satisfaction in all our projects from customised instrumentation through to our standard product line”

On the product front, the quality is a reflection of their customer service. I have extensive personal experience with the Carbon and Sulfur Analyser and I have been thoroughly impressed with the reliability and accuracy in operation. To date, we have secured five units. What I like about the design is that it's solid and rarely off-line and allows for trouble-free access to components.

Bill Wangelo

Chief Chemist

We recently purchased two automated pH instruments (AS-3000) for our soil testing lab from Labfit and have been very satisfied with their performance and results. Labfit has done a terrific job in keeping in contact with us to help us with our problems, concerns and troubleshooting. Their technical support is prompt and detailed, even though they are literally halfway around the world.

Paulyanna Stecko

Laboratory Manager

I have seen several changes in the priorities in agricultural research. However, one thing that has been constant is the need for high quality, cost efficient instrumentation. I have an automated pH/conductivity instrument manufactured by Labfit. Their instrument has been very dependable. I have recommended them to other laboratories in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

University of Nebraska

The CS 2000 Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer that was purchased from Labfit – Australia has exceeded our expectations to date. This instrument is very user friendly and handles the workload consistently without any operational problems since its installation. The ranges of sulphur that we analyze ranges from 0.001% to 38- 39% which places an extreme demand on most makes of Sulphur analyzers. The CS 2000 has passed the test thus far with flying colors.

Pieter Erasmus

Laboratory Manager

Just a short note to let you know how satisfied we are with the CS 2000. It has now been running for almost 2 years without major trouble. The electronics have been extremely reliable, and the sample changer has not given any trouble. Added advantages are that the machine can be run reliably after hours.

Ian Gilmore

Laboratory Manager

Brookside Laboratory Inc. has 3 AS 3000 dual probe pH systems. We were very pleased with the results of this system and have purchased 2 more. Accuracy and efficiency have been enhanced since introducing these systems. We have them tied into our in- house LIMS system and we efficiently gather and transfer data.

Brookside Laboratories

The CS2000 Carbon and Sulphur Analysers are built and engineered to be simplistic in design though providing extremely good availability and accuracy. With a remote location such as Porgera, it is extremely important the analysers can be maintained by site personnel. Labfit is prepared to listen to any concerns raised by its clients and to address the concerns immediately.

Noel Moffat

Instrumentation Superintendent

SGS Australia has 2 AS-3200 acid base titration systems. The systems are accurate with our operator being able to perform other tasks once the titration is started. Accuracy and efficiency have been enhanced since the commissioning of these systems and we have been able to integrate successfully with our LIMS.

Corey Williams

Manager Environmental Division

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