Labfit. Empowering Labs to be More Productive

At Labfit we strive to innovate better automated lab solutions for a range of industries including automated pH measurement, redefining Carbon Sulfur analysis, automated weighing systems for organic matter analysis and environmental soil testing along with laboratory liquid dispensers.

Established in 1992, we found a need to do automated lab solutions much better than what was currently offered. Since then, we have become a market leader in automated lab solutions for automated pH testing and have developed specialized laboratory testing equipment for the soil testing market. We also developed a new type of Carbon Sulfur analyzer utilizing a vertical furnace for more efficient heating which in turn simplified the autosampler design making it more reliable.

We pride ourselves in smart, sensible design where reliability and precision is key for trusted automated lab solutions and results. You can expect a long life of any new Labfit laboratory instrumentation as they are all made from quality materials.

Automated Lab Solutions for:

  • Classification, sampling, and preparation.
  • pH and Conductivity Analysis.
  • Sulphur Carbon Analysis.
  • Acid-Base Titration Analysis.
  • Organic Matter Analysis.
  • Suspended Solids.
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Liquid Dispensing System.
  • Desiccator Cabinets.

Automated pH Measurement

as3000q-multi-ph-soil-testing-robot-electrodes-minOur PC controlled automated soil pH robots offer reliable precision testing of all soil and water samples using a powerful method builder. Load your samples and walk away. Our systems have many options including automated reagent addition and electrode management.

Carbon Sulfur Analysis by Infrared

Carbon Sulfur analyzer for organic materials using solid state infrared detection. Our unique vertical combustion process ensures longevity of ceramics and reliable unattended sample automation. This means more productivity for less downtime.

Automated Weighing Systems

Automated weighing for organic matter analysis and environmental applicationsOur automated weighing systems are computed controlled and can be used for a range of weighing tasks. These systems are ideal for repetitive weighing such as organic matter analysis, suspended solids, total dissolved solids or other weighing processes.

Laboratory Dispensing Solutions

buffer-dispenser-soilsAutomated dispensing solutions for adding water, reagents and various light chemicals or acids to sample cups. Reliable fast dispensing is done by computer to achieve your dispensing goals. Be more efficient in the lab with a dispensing solution from Labfit.