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Labfit began its own Research & Development program in 1996 in response to an overall lack of price performance from any established manufacturer of some types of equipment. This R & D effort has resulted to date in two revolutionary products – the Carbon & Sulphur Analyzers and the AS3000 pH and Conductivity Robots.

The University of Georgia Soil Plant Water Laboratory is currently using the LabFit AS3010D that has been modified with the new quad head and dual burette pumps. This new configuration of the AS-3000 allows for implementation of a new simplified titration procedure developed at the University of Georgia using calcium hydroxide for determination of the lime requirement of acid soils.

In March 2002 through our R&D program the LOI4000 Loss on Ignition Robot was realised through the need in the market for a more efficient and cost effective way to perform TGA analysis. In September 2003, a request for a multi-electrode pH robot system was required by a client, and the AS3000Q pH soil Robot was introduced to the market. In February 2007, the TGA3000, and was born based on the success of the TGA4000.

In June 2014 a customer cam to us requesting an automated solution to dispensing on their soil samples. After discussing with the client a dispenser capable of dispensing up to 4 solutions to an entire column (10 samples) at a time cam about. The Hydra 410 was envisioned with this capability and had the added functionality of creating method based dispensing routines.

In February 2015 Labfit undertook the redesign and engineering of the CS2000 Carbon and Sulfur analyser. The CS1232 Carbon Sulfur analyser was totally re-engineered and vast improvements to the infrared detection system, mechanics, furnace and overall appearance was introduced. The CS1232 reduces the complexity of the CS2000 making this system easier than ever to maintain, especially for remote mine sites.

Labfit is continuing its efforts in R & D and is seeking alliances with other manufacturers to form new products by combining the Auto sampler (in particular) with those manufacturers’ own products.